7 must have Yoga Props

Going to yoga classes can be expensive and time-consuming and sometimes you just want to stay home and hop in some yoga leggings to enjoying the benefits of a regular yoga schedule. This is why there are so many YouTube videos showing yoga poses, and so many DVD’s that have yoga workouts on them. Attending a class can definitely have its benefits, but if you want to build up a practice at home, there are a number of props you should think about getting to keep yourself safe and enhance your workout.

1. A yoga mat

This is an obvious one. Unfortunately, there are a number of yoga mats out there that are cheap and don’t provide the padding or the grip you need. Make sure you buy one that suits your needs.

2. A bolster 

This is a small foam brick that can be used to help your body get into positions without straining, and it can also enhance a stretch if used in the right way. It’s small and easy to use and can really help take your yoga practice to the next level.

3. A blanket

This seems like an unnecessary add-on, but a blanket can have myriad uses during yoga. You can put it under your tailbone to help keep your back straight while sitting on the floor or use it to keep your body warm while you’re in a prone pose. Whatever you do with it, this is an accessory that is well worth keeping with the rest of your yoga materials.

4. Yoga music

As much as you like yoga, you may get bored sometimes. Having the right music can get you in the mood for your workout and even tell you when to change poses. When you become really good at choosing music, you can even match your movements to the sound of the beat.

5. Yoga strap 

There are many different types of straps but they all have one purpose, to allow you to stretch your body regardless of your physical limitations. So whether you can’t reach your toes or whether your hands won’t clasp behind your back, a yoga strap can allow you to approximate a pose until your body is ready to do it properly.

6. A yoga DVD

Sometimes we need a change and yoga DVD’s can offer new motivation and new poses. You can even check out various yogis on YouTube for inspiration, but make sure that you change up your practice if you want to keep growing and stay interested.

7. A good headband

Okay, so this is not specifically for yoga but it can be a lifesaver when you are in an upside-down pose and spend the time trying to blow your hair out of your eyes. In summer, it can also keep the sweat from running into your eyes. Try to find one that’s wide and made from a breathable material for the best results.

Although yoga can be done without any extra equipment apart from a non-slip surface, yoga props can really take your practice to the next level. If you have a dedicated practice at home, think about collecting these props and enjoying the benefits they bring.

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